downtown fresno

Resurrection – The Tony de Carlo Collection

August 3, 2017 @ 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
1918 Fresno St. Fresno
Ca 93721

August 3 (6pm – 10pm)
Art Hop @Fres/Co
1918 Fresno Street, Fresno CA 93721
(next to the Crest Theatre)

From the private collection of Xavier “Chico” Garza we bring you an exhibit by the late Tony de Carlo.


Tony de Carlo was a native of Los Angeles. He later moved to Savannah, Georgia which is where he passed away August of 2014. He was a self-taught artist who created on a daily basis since early childhood. Tony’s arts career spans more than forty years. Throughout his life he donated many of his art proceeds to animal charities such as PAWS, Project Angel Food, and Shanti as well as many gay organizations. His work exhibited regularly at museums and galleries throughout the United States, and his paintings are in collections around the world.

His paintings are inspired by the mixing of cultures and people. He painted what he knew and what he was surrounded by in his own life. Most of his paintings are of friends, males either together or alone, gardens, homes, and dogs. He never painted things that were unfamiliar to him or things that didn’t hold meaning to him. His work was more specifically about men. Although he never painted sexual scenes he did always try to reveal the sensuality of men. He stayed true to the people he knew in the LGBT communities and painted these subjects in his artwork.

Many of his paintings represent the life and culture of LGBT people. He also depicted the dark aspects of homosexuality including their pain, suffering and death. He incorporated surrealism, eroticism, and masculinity as vehicles of social protest in his quest for liberation for the gay community. He did this using the religious imagery, colors of saints in cathedrals, statues, paintings and stained glass windows. He first started painting saints as a response to the Catholic Churches’ attacks on, and demonization of gay people. Because he believed saints were “man-made inventions”, he began adding his own saints to the list, some sarcastic, some comical, but all of them with the same number of miracles as the “real ones”.


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