downtown fresno

January ArtHop at CMAC: Sarah Joy

January 3, 2019 @ 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
1555 Van Ness Ave. Fresno
CA 93721

If you missed out on last month, make sure to stop by CMAC on Thursday, January 3 for ArtHop for another chance to see the art and photography of Sarah Joy.

“My art is my soul in color. It’s the one thing that I can always find myself in. It’s where I find my peace and my pleasure, my appreciation for life. I feel that in my weakest moment that I can turn to my art to make me feel whole again. It’s so much more than just a photo, drawing, painting, its part of who I am in an image. I grew up in the Central Valley my whole life and love the beautiful landscape and nature that surrounds us. I wanted to be able to share my vision with the world so they can see how much beauty and life we have here in our beautiful home we call the Valley.”

Sarah Joy has been featured in the Nerd-E-Bird-E podcast as well as a showcased artist at Broadway Art Studio for a year. Her art work and photography has also been seen all over town at various locations in Fresno and at the Hanford Kings Gallery. Sarah has been a veteran to local art events including the Drink and Draw which she modeled for this past October all leading up to her debut for CMAC.

To see more of her work, follow Sarah on Instagram @joyous.art.by.sarah