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Valley Landing

Catagory: Public Art

Valley Landing by Gordon Newell (1905-1998) is located on Fulton between Mariposa and Fresno [os_card id="5C97-8634-2854"] landing3 Valley Landing is an abstract representation of a bird in flight, carved from San Joaquin Valley granite. The piece rests on a granite pylon in a small pool, surrounded by four water jets. Gordon Newell lived in Pacific Grove, CA and studied art at Occidental College and UC Berkeley. He apprenticed with Robert Stackpole on a sculpture project at the San Francisco Stock Exchange in 1929-32. Newell taught at Occidental College and the Chouinard Art Institute. He was once married to noted Hollywood star Gloria Stuart. His sculptures are in permanent collections of Oakland Museum of California Art and San Diego Museum of Art. Together with sculptor James Hunolt, Newell is also credited with creating the Haupt Fountains, located on the Ellipse in Washington DC, near the White House. landing2 Gordon's son Hal has erected a memorial to his father just outside of Darwin, CA. [/os_card]

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