downtown fresno

Meux Home Museum

1007 R St, Fresno, CA 93721

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Catagory: Art & Culture

Telephone: (559)233-8007

                      The Meux Home Museum is a tribute to the beauty of Victorian architecture. This magnificent two-story edifice has artfully composed roofs that thrust skyward from the second story, as do the numerous chimneys. The exterior walls are covered with a variety of textures and decorations including clapboards, shingles, and ornamental floral-like relief work. The large porch is held up by beautifully turned spindles accented with 'gingerbread', and designed to provide protection from the hot valley sun. The architecture blends all these beautiful features resulting in an intriguing historic home that invites visitors of all ages to enjoy its beauty and charm. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on January 14, 1975.   Dr. Meux was born in Tennessee in 1838. During the Civil War, he served in the Confederate Army as an assistant surgeon for four years. He brought his wife, Mary Esther (Molly) and their three children to Fresno and purchased the property for his home in 1888. Dr. Meux practiced medicine until he retired in his late 70's and lived to be 91 years old. His daughter, Anne, lived in the family home all her life, thus preserving the original architectural features that visitors still enjoy today.

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