downtown fresno

Fresno Ideaworks

1755 Broadway Street, Fresno, CA 93721

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Catagory: Art & Culture

What began as the desire of a small number of people to have access to modern prototyping equipment has grown to be Fresno's home for the Maker Movement. What is the "Maker Movement"? The book "Makers: The New Industrial Revolution" spells it out quite effectively. In short, manufacturing has been democratized by modern technology. The places that benefit most from this new paradigm aren't the traditional hubs of industry with their access to seaports and raw materials. They are the places where smart, creative people have something that pulls them together as a community. Places where they can collaborate on projects of ranging importance, from silly to world changing. Fresno Ideaworks is a community center, a prototyping lab, an idea incubator, and a third space. With full traditional industrial arts shops, modern prototyping, and art spaces we provide the equipment and community needed to see virtually any idea make the leap from mind to matter. Bring your ideas, we have the rest.  

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