downtown fresno

Aquarius Ovoid

Catagory: Public Art

Aquarius Ovoid by George Tsutakawa (1910-1997) is located on Fulton north of Fresno, south of Merced [os_card id="A0A6-A4F1-6A1F"] aquarius2 George Tsutakawa was a prominent Asian-American sculptor. He joined the University of Washington art faculty in 1946 to teach art and architecture. He had over 50 major exhibitions, in the US and internationally, including exhibitions in Portland, Denver, Oakland, San Francisco, San Diego, Berlin and Sao Paolo, Brazil. His fountains can be found throughout the Pacific Northwest. Aquarius refers to water, and Ovoid, an oval shape. Thus, this sculpture is a fountain carrying water through an oval. Prior to its installation in Fresno, Aquarius Ovoid was installed at the United States Science Pavilion at the Seattle World's Fair. aquarius3 Another Tsutakawa piece, Obos, can be found at the south end of the mall, near Kern. [/os_card]

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