downtown fresno


April 8, 2017 @ 8:30 PM
Fulton 55
875 Divisadero St. Fresno
Ca 93721
$12 - $16


Since 2012 the Bay Area’s Monophonics have released multiple 45’s and LP’s that are warranted as some of the most unique and original sounding records in the soul & funk scene. They also happen to be one of the busiest bands in the genre, playing over 700 shows in the last four years in 20 different countries. The songs may be infectious on their records but their energy on stage in a live setting is whats most infectious and leaves you wanting more. Overall it’s heartfelt music and old school vibes, with-out losing sight of the present. This is is music steeped in that timeless feeling when people could write and produce songs that you could listen to over and over again. 
“Monophonics has made its name essentially, by creating a nasty score for the greatest blaxploitation movie never made!” – Willamette Weekly Magazine

“One of the best live soul bands I have ever seen!”- Al Bell (Record Producer, songwriter, record executive and co-owner of legendary Stax Records)

“A new species of music has been developed, something unknown to many, but needs to be known by everyone. A musical animal that will melt your mind, make you move like never before, and leave you frozen in your tracks when you see it.” –

“The missing soundtrack to a Tarantino movie.” – Boise Idaho Music Scene

“Sonically, In Your Brain sounds like a dream band featuring Dennis Coffey, the Funk Brothers, & Dr. John recording at Black Ark studios. However, this record is much more than just a culmination of sonic influences. The writing at the heart of the LP helps make this something completely original as well as something rooted in the past. I once read a Robert Wyatt quote about Paul Weller that I think is applicable. To paraphrase it, the Monophonics, like master carpenters, have created new furniture from seasoned wood.” – Drunkard Aquarium