downtown fresno

MMAW Learn How to Stick Weld

April 21, 2017 @ 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Fresno Ideaworks
1755 Broadway St. Fresno
CA 93721

Fresno Ideaworks Learn How to Stick Weld Basics is a 3 hour course where you will strike an arc, run the bead, oscillate, penetrate and stack dimes with 6011 and 7018 rod. Sparks will fly and smoke will rise welding with fire and lightning. Arc welding in its purest form—down, dirty, and dangerous—is the preferred process for structural construction and repair. It’s the most versatile, portable, and economical method, though not the most user-friendly or easy-to- master. This class is for hobbyists, makers, or anyone wanting to try something new and challenge themselves a bit in a comfortable, collaborative environment.

What Not to Wear:
Do not wear rings or other jewelry.
No open toe shoes
Do not wear clothing made from synthetic or synthetic blends. The synthetic fabric can burn vigorously, melt and produce skin burns.

We will provide:
Eye protection
Face hood/shield
Insulated gloves
Ear plugs