downtown fresno

Full Circle: Variety Hour

December 16, 2018 @ 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Full Circle Brewing Co.
620 F Street Fresno
CA 93706

**Now Featuring The Jack Box Party Tour**

eSports is returning to Full Circle Brewery Co. with an all new twist! Welcome to Full Circle Variety Hour! Where each event will be different from the last! Different Games, special guest hosts, food trucks and side attractions! Wether is be live local music, local artists, or other random additions added by local people. You never know. All with NO Door or Registration Fee!

Here’s the deal we have an absolutely amazing local community filled with TOs, players, vendors, artists and so much more that we believe needs to be showcased. The goal is simple. Showcase local talent while creating a place for people to chill and remember why we all started playing games in the first place.

This event is truly just the beginning. Variety Hour will be the first of many local events leading up to a much larger FREE event in 2019 that will benefit Valley Children’s Hospital! Extra Life will be there in full force taking donations for the hospital as well.

Expect more info in the near future but for now come by, hang out with friends, drink some beers (root beer or otherwise) and just have a good time!

– Brew Crew Host –
Isaac Muñoz (“Sytheon”)

– Special Guest Co-Hosts –
Luke Garcia (“Leftshoe”)
Jose Almanza (“Deerskin”)
Ronald Murray (“BBoySonicX“)

– Tournaments –
• Dragon Ball FighterZ
• Melee
• Project M 3.6
• Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st]

– Casual Stations –
• BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
• Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

– Stream Info –
• Coming Soon.

– Vendor Info –
• Sweetgardenstudios
• Extra Life Fresno Guild

– Bracket Entry Fee –
• $10 Per Player per tournament

– Venue / Door / Spectator Fee –
• Onsite: FREE!

• Coming Soon.

– Bring your own controller! –
• Games will be played on Wii and PS4

– Event Sponsors / Affiliates –
• Origins Esports

Interested in TOing? Being a Vendor or Sponsor? Simply want to learn more? Contact us on our page (Origins Esports) Or Email us (contact@originsesports.com).